I love seeing the joy in my clients face when they allow themselves to unfold in front of my camera and I want everyone to experience this. Everyone has a right to be seen, to be seen how they see themselves. There is so often a disconnect between how we feel and how we look.

My photography has evolved as I have evolved as a woman. I truly stepped into my light a year ago, and after a 30 career it feels amazing to be on the right path. It's only now that I totally understand who I am and who I am meant to be. I now understand and own my true WHY.

I am a daughter, sister, aunty, cousin, mother of two, wife, friend, and a small business owner and my goodness I love it, I embrace all of my relationships to the full and I am blessed to be so happy. BUT something was not right… Last year I attended a wonderful event called Wanderlust. I spent a lot of time meditating and then chatting with friends all of whom were also feeling very mindful, just putting it all out there, yes there were tears and there was confusion. 


I began to remove each layer, each role, being a mother, a wife, a manager an employee, all of my roles were removed. I was left with the role of ME, and had no clue who I was looking at in the mirror. I didn’t even know who ME was…  gosh Simon Sinek had a lot to answer for at that time.

I did not leave after a few days with all the answers, not at all. I did however, begin a journey and over the last 12 months I have allowed the ME I want to be in this world to take shape. Some days I have tiptoed on this new path and others I have done cartwheels on it. I know it is the right path because every day I have energy, passion and an inner drive that just fuels me.

I now get to meet the people who have the most amazing back stories, and I get to be part of their journey. I have the privilege of providing them with a safe space to actually be their true selves. I have been working so hard the last year to create that space and now I have it. Now I get to witness others fuelling their fire for all of their reasons!

I recall a few years back watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. One of the nurses favourite things to do in her apartment was to strip down to her underwear, turn her favourite tunes up real loud and just dance, dance like no one was watching and be care free. You know I have thought about that for years and it was not until last week I did it, I was so concerned shutting all the blinds and locking the doors, I got over all of that and then I just went for it. It felt crazy liberating, brought tears to my eyes just being ME, without worrying what people were thinking, just no judgement at all. I want to provide that feeling, experience, service to my clients. I want them to feel fabulous, to de-stress with hair and make-up, play dress up with beautiful gowns, dance to their favourite music if they want to and feel liberated. And when they do, I will be there to watch them unfold and capture the most beautiful moments on camera for them to have forever, a legacy to their liberated and most beautiful self.

My name is Keri, I am a daughter, sister, aunty, cousin, mother of two, wife, friend, and a small business owner. I grew up in the 80’s, danced hard out in the 90’s. I wear black probably too much black but I just love it. I am a tad overweight than I prefer and I am older than I feel, I have fine hair and have hair envy every day. I love good wine and food. I inject passion into everything I turn my mind to. I always say the wrong thing, I forget my words lol. To quote a beautiful human that I have been blessed to work with “I am by no means perfect.. but I am perfectly ME.”

I would love to see you being perfectly YOU. If you would like to be part of my “YOU’ campaign, I would love to hear your story!




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