LinkedIn is a professional network yes?


Then why is it so many people don’t get that, or they get it they just don’t value it?

Let’s just get one thing straight, you will be judged by the standard of your photo first, prior to all your written content on your profile. It is the first thing that we look at regardless of whether you are a student or a CEO and let’s face it we have different levels of acceptance depending upon your status. Based on the evidence on LinkedIn, the value people place on quality profile photos knows no bounds, regardless of status. I have seen CEO’s with selfies showing their latest catch on their boat, and students who have just graduated with photos on the beach or at a party.

It’s a social network for working professionals, are you so secure with your status that you base no value on potential lost opportunities. Whether you are selling, looking for a new role or networking, the lost engagement opportunities and judgements made are damaging.

LinkedIn is no longer all about you and your career, your employer is now invested. When I first used LinkedIn, the company I worked for would not allow they employees to access LinkedIn during working hours, for fear that everyone had their head down looking to secure the next best role. 

Times have changed now employers have an interest in its employees looking professional and presenting well online because it reflects on the company. The marketing departments often do employer branding campaigns and want all employee photos to have the same look. They invest in a professional photographer to take photos of its employees to use on LinkedIn, along with incentives to encourage them to actually use it. If this is done well, most employees would be happy to use them

LinkedIn 2017 stats state that LinkedIn profiles with professional head-shots get 14 times more profile views. Studies show it takes one-tenth of a second for someone to make all the judgements about you based on your photo. 80-90% of that first impression is based on two qualities 1. Trustworthiness and 2. Competence. How are you going to win someone over in that time? Simple, engage with a professional photographer to get the right headshot. 

What does the perfect LinkedIn photo look like? Do you know? Best leave it to a professional who understands the criteria. Someone who is looking at visible elements, lighting, pose and posture, styling, background and colour. Someone who has the equipment and experience to coach and direct you through the process to get the best result.

The research is clear, it is everywhere online, good quality images speak volumes about your level of professionalism and are the key to making yourself appear trustworthy and competent. Put your best foot forward, stand out from the competition and represent your company in a professional way. It is 2017 and your personal and professional branding matter more than ever if you want to nail that crucial first impression and future proof it.

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keri little