Keri Little

Born and raised in the UK, Keri Little is a photographer specialising in high end professional and personal branding photography. Based in Auckland, Keri's breadth and depth of experience as a corporate photographer has allowed her to provide custom solutions for many international organisations. Her images have been showcased in numerous national publications and she is proud to be photographer of choice for many business leaders.

Keri's unique approach to photography is based on years of refinement and 25 years working in a corporate environment, and is designed to produce the best results, every single time.

Keri works collaboratively with her clients, consulting with them to clarify their needs and providing the right amount of coaching and direction to capture the very essence of them, enabling them to stand out from their competition and attract new business. Ultimately future proofing them with a visual narrative that is aligned to their values. 

Keri's promise to her clients is that she will coach them through the whole process, allowing them to unfold in front of her camera revealing the best version of themselves. 

"After many professions the perfect job was under my nose all the time, and the best thing is that all of my skills and experience all come together to provide a unique service for my clients that is unlike any other photographer. I absolutely love working with my clients, understanding their why, and identifying what value I can add to them and their business. Mapping out a plan to support them in the future with the images, it could be there online profile, conference, press release, awards the list is endless. Then finally the process of the photo session, watching people unfold in front of my lens and making sure they have a great experience, with a solid collection of images as the final product that can be used to support them in all aspects of their personal and professional life. Who wouldn't love this job?"

Keri Little